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Get our FREE 'body conditioning bible' for those who can't seem to get the number on your scale to budge

Our Body conditioning bible will


- Start you off with a FREE calorie evaluation to ensure you start making progress TODAY


 - Fill the knowledge gaps you need about diet/nutrition so you can plan your own weight gain/loss 


- Give you the first step all of my PAYING clients receive when starting our training FOR FREE

There is no BETTER way to make 0 progress and lose all motivation than                                   to run into the gym headfirst without a plan.

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FREE Body conditioning bible


 Javier | MGD Training

Want to skip the grueling trial-and-error phase that comes with weight loss?

Start making progress instead of wondering why you still look the same.


I created MGD training and have helped tons of people just like you make real noticeable progress in their first two weeks on the program.

Alonzo progress update

What exactly is The MGD Training program and how will it help me reach my goals??

 I know the struggle all too well, eating chicken and rice until I'm blue in the face —all effort. No results. And lots of frustration.

We create training and nutrition plans tailored just for you.

Our first step: free 1-1 consultation; we do a deep dive into your work/school life so we can fit seamlessly into YOUR:

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Vegan symbol



  • Some cookie-cutter PDF program 

  • You will NOT spend hours in the gym doing ridiculous training regiments

  • We are NOT going to force super strict diets that will cause you to fail like every other attempt you've had at reaching your dream weight

Why will this be different than my other failed attempts?

-We're with you every step of the way!


-You will be able to leave notes on your plan, contact me privately for any questions, and request changes day-by-day

- We'll build up your knowledge in the gym and kitchen so you can sustain your success long after the program ends.

Yes, SS 1.0 won't work for everyone.......  IF you are an alien, robot, and/or are missing both arms and legs, then I can't call you. BUT





Here is how my plans have helped others just like you!!

My clients updated progress picture!!

Mattis S

Javi MGD client transformation
"One year of hard work!! Im incredibly proud of what I have achieved, I feel healthy, strong and so happy!! @javi_fr_ Thank you for motivating me and teaching me so much."



We will evaluate your weekly schedule and find time for you to do regular exercise based on your fitness/weight goals

- You will get access to a copy of the BODY CONDITIONING BIBLE

- You will get the opportunity to join my team, and together, we'll get your fitness on track

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